Personal Injury

A serious accident, in any form, can be a very traumatic and life altering experience for the accident victim and his or her family. Our New York personal injury attorneys have a proven track record and will work hard on behalf of our clients to get them the results they deserve. We have successfully handled all types of injury cases, including automobile, workplace, slip and falls, product liability and pedestrian accidents. Our team of personal injury lawyers operates with understanding and compassion that is critical when one is dealing with the stress that accompanies litigation. At Freeman Howard, P.C., our clients are more than a case number, more than another settlement effort, and more than just another namesake. We are committed to maintaining an open level of communication throughout the process. While many of our cases are settled out of court, be assured that if your case must go to trial, the attorneys at Freeman Howard, P.C. have the experience, drive and proven results to succeed in court. If you have questions about No-Fault Coverage, Property Damage, how medical bills will be paid, or how you get reimbursed for lost wages, just give us a call. Your life has been altered forever. Don’t get hurt twice. Call us at (518) 828-2021 and speak to one of our “SuperLawyers” and start on the road to recovery today.
    Personal Injury Litigation

    Automobile Accidents
    Truck Accidents
    Premises Liability
    Slip and Fall
    Labor Law
    Scaffolding Accidents
    Defective Products Liability
    Medical Malpractice
    Nursing Home Negligence
    Professional Malpractice
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